026 jsAir - webpack: JavaScript bundler with Juho Vepsäläinen, Johannes Ewald, Sean T. Larkin, and Tobias Koppers

June 08, 2016 - Kent C. Dodds
webpack: JavaScript bundler with Juho Vepsäläinen, Johannes Ewald, Sean T. Larkin, and Tobias Koppers Description:

webpack is an amazing bundler for frontend assets. For many people it has completely changed the game for their build pipeline, entirely replacing other build tools and task runners like grunt and gulp. Join us with the webpack creator and core contributors as we talk with the webpack team about this impressive piece of tech.

Show sponsors: Links, Picks, and Tips: Juho Vepsäläinen
  • Links: webpack-merge - My merge tool to keep configuration simple (sharing common config!), webpack-validator - Validation of webpack configuration against a schema + checks against good practices., and SurviveJS Webpack book - Free book on the topic.
  • Tips: There is always something new to learn (esp. In frontend). and Fundamentals > specifics.
  • Picks: WebpackBin and autojump - a faster way to navigate your filesystem
Johannes Ewald
  • Links: LearnYouAHaskell.com – Good resource for learning functional concepts with Haskell., html-webpack-plugin – Almost always a good idea when you’re also bundling CSS with webpack., ProvidePlugin – Solves many problems introduced by legacy scripts and implicit globals, and Healthy Open Source – A walkthrough of the Node.js Foundation’s base contribution policy
  • Tips: Do not abstract/split your (webpack) configs. Copy&Paste can be a good thing. and Learning a completely different programming language (like Haskell) “upgrades” your programmer brain :)
  • Picks: Z.sh - jump around and Watch Kent's videos about webpack (more coming soon), they are awesome! I did learn some cool stuff :)
Sean T. Larkin
  • Links: You Don’t Know JS An incredible resource by @getify for learning ES6 and Javascript. (Kyle Simpson), I was wrong about TypeScript and here’s why a great read on the immediate and incredible benefits of Typescript. , Google Doc - Shameless self-promote, but really great intro to webpack., and React Webpack Cookbook (now SurviveJS)
  • Tips: When you are struggling on a problem, take two steps back and ask “What am I trying to accomplish. Is this the best avenue for the results.” and Read the source code!!! Source code is the one true documentation. If you are ever curious about how something works, or what additional features there are, pop in the source code and start reading. Webpack’s source code has lots of hidden and cool features.
  • Picks: Midwest Dev Chat Slack, webpack-closure-compiler awesome alternative to using UglifyJSPlugin. +1 For Typescript Users with Tscikle. , and Webpack starter for those users of Angular, this is a nice full featured repo/boilerplate. Once you understand webpack, this repository is a must clone.
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