039 jsAir - Node.js and Community with James M Snell, Gregor Martynus, Myles Borins, and Tracy Hinds

September 07, 2016 - Kent C. Dodds
Node.js and Community with James M Snell, Gregor Martynus, Myles Borins, and Tracy Hinds Description:

A huge part of open source is the community that is formed around it. This is one of the best parts of open source. It is also a challenge to manage, especially with big projects like Node.js. We'll be chatting with some community builders and code contributors to learn how Node.js fosters and grows its community.

Show sponsors: Links, Picks, and Tips: James M Snell @jasnell Tips
  • Take Vacation! Put the Laptop Down! Go outside!
  • Be Patient!
  • We have Node.js developers in Fresno! Fresnode.js Meetup, 2nd monday of every month. We’re looking for speakers!
Myles Borins @thealphanerd Tips
  • If you make a mistake genuinely apologize and move on. Stop engaging / don’t double down
  • Show empathy for those you make stuff for, make stuff with, and for yourself
Picks Tracy Hinds @hackygolucky Tips
  • When you feel something that you’re emotionally invested in, write a draft and take a second before you send it.
Picks Gregor Martynus @gr2m Tips
  • Surround yourself with people that are good to you. Especially if you work remotely
  • Invest into mentoring (JavaScript Air Episode)
Picks Kent C. Dodds @kentcdodds Links Tips
  • If you feel like you know something really well, don’t be afraid to admit that you might be wrong or there may be something else better
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