043 jsAir - (Rerun) The past, present, and future of JavaScript with Brendan Eich

October 05, 2016 - Kent C. Dodds
(Rerun) The past, present, and future of JavaScript with Brendan Eich Description:

The original show for this week was canceled. So this is a rerun of our very first show: Kicking off JavaScript Air with our first guest Brendan Eich(original creator of JavaScript) to talk about the past, present, and future of JavaScript.

Show sponsors: Links, Picks, and Tips: Brendan Eich @brendaneich Links Tips
  • Learn JavaScript
Picks Brian Lonsdorf @drboolean Tips
  • Try elm and wait for the video fromthis
Picks Kyle Simpson @getify Picks Pam Selle @pamasaur Picks Iheanyi Ekechukwu @kwuchu Matt Zabriskie @mzabriskie Links Tips
  • Use the future of JavaScript with Babel
Picks Dan Abramov @dan_abramov Kent C. Dodds @kentcdodds Tips
  • Learn JavaScript with MDN
Picks Tyler McGinnis @tylermcginnis33 Tips
  • Find people smarter than you and copy what they do.
Picks Lin Clark @linclark Tips
  • Dead code elimination (in Webpack)
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