Pure Skin Elite™ the new generation of IPL. Just Perfect.

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  • Revolutionary Xenon light with 10 intensity levels
  • Area of application: Whole body, legs, bikini line, back, face...
  • Free express delivery!

Eliminates more than 92% of unwanted hair immediately and permanently, totally painless. Can be used for the whole body, face, legs, arms, back, chest, bikini line, armpits.

  • For men and women
  • Painless and definitive hair removal
  • Visible results from the very first sessions
  • Reduction of more than 92% of unwanted body hair permanently
  • 1 Million of flashes
  • 10 level of use
  • Touch screen
  • A painless and safe treatment for the skin
  • You'll never have to buy a razor or depilatory creams again.
  • Satisfied or refunded


No more shaving or waxing chores!

3 times more effective than a conventional laser hair removal system, the Pure Skin Elite™ pulsed light hair removal system is also more hygienic, more economical, and offers hair removal for all skin types and for the entire body, even the most sensitive areas. 1, 000,000 Flashes for a lifetime of over 15 years!

Buying it means saving time and money!

After a few weeks of use, your unwanted hair will be permanently removed, so you will never need to buy wax, depilatory creams or razors again ... for life ...

The effect of the depilator Pure Skin Elite™

Its light quickly dislodges and disintegrates more than 92% of the hairs definitively for a beautiful and soft skin indefinitely. By continuing the treatment after 8 weeks, obtain a record ratio of more than 98% of permanently removed hair for stubborn areas*.

The pulsed light of Pure Skin Elite™

The pulsed light emitted by Pure Skin Elite™ prevents hair from growing back to the root permanently.

body hair remover

The contents of our package Pure Skin Elite™

We work with DHL to ensure high quality delivery.

In your package you will find your Pure Skin Elite™ depilator box. You will also find a free pair of protective glasses (real value29€99). You will also find a razor, the very last of your life ;-) indeed after a few weeks of use, your unwanted hair will be removed permanently.

Immediate and definitive results visible from the first sessions of Pure Skin Elite™.

Try it without risk, it's satisfied or your money back!
*We actually advise to stop the global treatment after 8 to 12 weeks of use, and to use Pure Skin Elite™ afterward only for rebellious areas.